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2019BAMBA Goals

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- TNR - Attract new riders. Step up Ride Leaders
- Intro to MTB Program - Thanks, Calvin Hess
- Adaptive Demo Event - More vendors, Attract all riders
- Kid’s Rodeo - Help the Pacharis Family make the Kids events bigger and better than before
- Blue Marsh “GO DAY”
- Take A Kid MTB Day


Raise funds for the application process and on-site evaluation fees
  • Assemble all required data and prepare the application
  • Study feasibility of going for Silver status
  • Schedule recertification


Install 4 More Kiosks

Harry Boyer for donating the Stations Base material funded by BAMBA Installation by BAMBA

Bruce March For donating the fabrication services. Materials funded by BAMBA Installation by BAMBA

Continue Trail Markers On Mt. Penn

Materials funded by BAMBA. Installations by BAMBA

Trail Markers On Neversink

Propose & install signage to promote and Improve the trail system for all users to enjoy


Blue Marsh Trail Improvements

Work with park rangers to develop a plan for the redesign of the lake trail with the goal of rivaling Raystown

Proposal for a NICA/PICL Race venue at Blue Marsh

Work with park rangers to develop a plan for the redesign of the lake trail with the goal of rivaling Raystown

Visitors Bureau Biking promotion

  • Work with park rangers to develop a plan
  • Scout locations and layout
  • Propose funding and construction options

2018BAMBA Goals

- Continuously improve the overall trail experience in the Greater Reading Area, striving to achieve Silver Level status.
- Maintain bike trails on Mt. Penn, Neversink, S.R.T., S.R.G. trails, and assist rangers at Blue Marsh and French Creek in trail maintenance
- Assist local bike shops in organizing and conducting bike Demo Day events
- Conduct organized rides to introduce new riders to mountain biking
- Conduct mountain biking Kids Events
- Install 4 internally located Mini Trail Information Kiosks on the Mt Penn Preserve - Propose a Pump Track installation to the City of Reading for Egelman Park
- Participate in the 422West Shore Bypass Stakeholders Workgroup
- Develop a Trail Map for the Neversink Preserve
- Install Trail Signage on the Neversink Preserve
- Organize and Cleanup the SRT from the Bingaman St Bridge to the Laural St Railroad Bridge and the route up to gate 9 on the Neversink Preserve
- Continue the restorration of Egelman Park and Mineral Spring Park trails and grounds.
- Continue Tuesday night Group Rides - Contact John Pacharis at [email protected]
- Continue Sunday Women’s Group Ride - Contact Amberly Geoghegan at [email protected]

2017 Goals COMPLETED


Replaced the three klapperthal Trail bridges on Neversink Mountain from the old 32" width, to 5 ft. wide, in order to accomodate adaptive cyclists.

MT. PENN TRAIL CROSSING (“Chris Crossing”) - May 2017

Installed on a bridge over the wetland on the trail just above the Oak Lane trail head.


Replaced the broken gate at the south end of the fire tower parking lot on Mt. Penn.


Fabricated and installed a kiosk at the intersection of the Tower Trail and Sphuler Rd on Mt. Penn.


The concrete stop blocks at the Klapperthal parking lot now greet visitors with an original Mike Miller mural.


Transformed the 9nt Street Gate 9 trail head into a prominent, welcoming, safe gateway to the Neversink west trail.


Cut back the vegetation and removed trash from the area around the Witches Hat and the trail head at Gate 2 (Neversink Mountain Road)


BAMBA conducted a mobile workshop which gave participants a tour of Mt. Penn, and a trail ride.

Park administrators from across the state experienced the Reading Area's iconic features (The Pagoda, Skyline Drive, Fire Tower, Antietam Lake) and got to ride our IMBA Bronze Level Ride Center trails.


Installed a bike repair station at the BAMBA parking lot on List Road.
Two more stations are to be installed. One at Antietam Lake, and one at Blue Marsh.

The FIXIT stations were donated by Harry Boyer of Boyer's Food Markets, procured by Nick Loftus of QBP, with special thanks to Wolverton Cycling & Fitness.

2016 Goals COMPLETED

- Publish a Mt. Penn Bike Trail Map
- Install trails signs on Mt. Penn
- Install a Trail Information Kiosk at the BAMBA parking lot and at Egelman Park
- Install a Trail Head sign at the BAMBA parking lot
- Improve the connector trail and install lighting from Old Wyomissing Rd to the RACC Bridge
- Rebuild the Klapperthal Hollow bridges to accommodate hand cycles, wheelchairs
- Start and Continue Tuesday night Group Rides - Contact John Pacharis at [email protected]
- Start and Continue Sunday Women’s Group Ride - Contact Amberly Geoghegan at [email protected]

Geater Reading Trails System


It all adds up that Reading, PA is the place to cycle. We’re an IMBA Bronze Level Ride Center - A Mountain Biker is on the cover of the 2016 Official Travel Guide - And check out the feature article on riding Neversink Mountain in issue #189 of DIRT RAG MOUNTAIN BIKE MAGAZINE. Also check out the new GoGreaterReading trail brochure. It’s Awesome!

IT ONLY GETS BETTER Geater Reading Trails System

2015 was a most productive year for BAMBA having built a new parking Lot on List Road, installed seven new fire road gates on Mt. Penn, and of course the new and improved A-Line gravity run – what a thrill! We’re hitting the ground running in 2016 with funding help from the BCCF/GRYP for the Mt. Penn Mapping Project. This project consists of creating a bike trail map, installing kiosks to display maps and trail information, and installing signage along the trails to guide and promote new mountain bikers to Mt. Penn. To date, over 30 sign posts have been installed on the trails on Mt. Penn in the vicinity of A-line, with many many more to come. Numerous hours were spent over the past 6 months, studying maps, riding and verifying trails, drawing and redrawing maps. To that end, a foldable, user friendly, pocket bike trail map now exists and is in it’s final review before mass printing begins. Also, plans are on the table for the fabrication and installation of a sign at the new BAMBA parking lot, as well as a Kiosk, and a Kiosk at Egelman Park. BAMBA volunteers already dug the foundation holes at all three locations.

Geater Reading Trails System


The new BAMBA parking lot on List Road provides quick and convenient access to some of Mt. Penn’s best trails. Located just East of the intersection of Angora and List Roads, adjacent to Camp Lily, this 15 space gravel lot provides safe off-road parking for Mountain Bikers, complements of BAMBA, Stackhouse Bensinger Inc., The City of Reading, and Lyons & Hohl Inc.,

A novice trail ride will take you to the upper section of Spuhler Lane (Tower Road) where you will find the A-Line trailhead. Or, just explore the many fine single track trails on the back side of Mt. Penn.

To get there, just “navigate to:” 2 List Road- on GOOGLE Maps, or 15 List Road- on i-Maps.

Recognized Once More
News from the Executive Office of the Mayor of Reading

Reading, PA – November 18, 2015 – The City of Reading is proud to announce that it has been awarded the national designation of Bike Friendly Community at the Bronze level by the League of American Bicyclists. Reading joins State College, Franklin, York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia as the only municipalities in Pennsylvania to achieve official designation by the League for their efforts to become bike friendly.

According to the League, “simple steps to make bicycling safe and comfortable pay huge dividends in civic, community and economic development. Given the opportunity to ride, residents enjoy dramatic health benefits, reduced congestion, increased property values and more money in their pockets to spend in the local economy. When your community welcomes bicycling, tourism booms, businesses attract the best and the brightest, and governments save big on parking costs while cutting their carbon emissions.”

“This latest achievement was the result of so many partners working together towards a common vision,” explained Eron Lloyd, who submitted the application and serves as the City’s bike and pedestrian coordinator.

“As our third attempt in seeking the designation, the recent successes of establishing the Reading Bike Hub, BAMBA's achievement of International Ride Center status for the Greater Reading Trails System, our Complete Streets policy, the Reading 120 race, and Bicycle Friendly Business status for the Reading Eagle and Penske Racing Shocks all helped to push us over the top this time.

Plan your next bike adventures from the new Mt. Penn Trail Head Parking Lot Enjoy the trails of Mt. Penn even more now that there is a new conveinent trail head parking facility located right in the center of the action. The 15 car lot is just below the intersection of Angora and List roads, adjacent to the entrance to Camp Lily, and is open to all recreational users.

Schuykill River Trail is the BEST
USA TODAY rates the SRT as the #1 urban trail in the USA. Check it out. New SRT maps are now available at select trail heads

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